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feces: [ fe´sēz ] ( L. ) body waste discharged from the intestine; called also stool , excrement , and excreta . The feces are formed in the colon and pass down into the rectum by the process of peristalsis. When the rectum is sufficiently distended, nerve endings in its wall signal a need for evacuation, which is made possible by a voluntary.

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Witness will 'never forget' the smell of feces attack at T.O. universityOntlasting – Wikipedia – Ontlasting of feces (Latijn: faeces) is het onverteerde restant van ingenomen voedsel, dat, met geregelde tussenpozen (als uitwerpselen), via de anus (aars) uit de darm naar de buitenwereld wordt verwijderd . Alle organismen met een maag-darmstelsel produceren ontlasting.

feces 【名】糞、糞便、排せつ物【発音】fíːsiːz【カナ】フィーシーズ – アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索サービス。

Faeces vs feces; Faeces is bodily waste excreted from the bowels, through the anus. The adjective is faecal. Faeces comes from the Latin word, faceces, which means sediment, dregs. Faeces began to directly refer to human excrement in the seventeenth century.

Les matières fécales (ou fèces, selles, excréments, parfois fientes) sont le résidu de la digestion — substances ou particules non assimilées et masse de bactéries du tube digestif —, expulsé par l’anus lors de la défécation.Leur consistance, odeur et contenu varient selon l’espèce, l’alimentation, la saison et la santé de l’individu.

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