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Not just another beast site. ArielDogLover.com features a massive collection of bestiality porn, but it is all focused on Ariel and her dog, Patrice, and their private life. Ever wonder what it is like for a REAL zoo lover? Get to see what their everyday life is like. The fun, the frolic, the fucking and the sucking...

Ariel's Favorite Porn Bookmarks — Suggest Yours

1. Porn Scum
2. Porn Spark
3. Porn Bimbo
4. Porn Skirt
5. Porn Cobra
6. 11yo
7. Porn Topic
9. Tiny Pussy
10. Beast Links
12. KingPass
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30. Beastiality Porn Movie



It is an open book. Watch us get up in the
morning. Watch me get dressed. See the
first moments, when I first lay with
Patrice and stroke him to arousal and then
slip his red cock into my mouth and suck
him dry. We have little routines and I
want you to get to know them. I want
you to watch my little puppy grow into a
big dog as I train him to fulfill my
every animalsex fantasy...

I am not an actress.
I am not a porn star.
I am a true zoo lover
that is a voyeur.
I am a one-dog
woman, but I want to share
our lives with anyone that wants to
taste what REAL bestiality is.
It's not just sex... it is building a
life together, and a strong bond.
Of course, there IS lots of sex too!
And we have all the videos
and pictures to share...

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Every video is as real as it gets...

Nothing is taboo. Everything is permitted. Got a fantasy? Share it with me inside. Patrice and I will make it come true for you. There is nothing we won't do with each other to help get you off. Chances are, we've already done it, but we love a challenge. What bestiality dreams do you have? I want to hear all about them...

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My Latest Updates!

Just this week I took Patrice to the dog park. He gets excited being around
female dogs, but he is MINE. I won't share him. But I will take advantage of
a bitch in heat. I snuck Patrice off into the woods right on the edge of the
park and dropped to my back, right there in the dirt, and sucked his
already-hard cock dry. I just couldn't resist... and I caught it all on my
camera phone and uploaded it for YOU.

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See every aspect of our lives!

There is nothing I love more than my dog. Patrice is my soulmate. He is my passion. He makes my life complete. A long time ago, I was a real slut. Fucking every man in sight, but I got tired of their games. I needed someone loyal, and who more loyal than a dog? And who else can get fucked and sucked again and again and ALWAYS be ready for more? And Patrice and I are just getting started. I can't wait to see where we go next...

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